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Old Style VIII

Sheet music for these songs can be be downloaded from our Chords & Lyrics page.


Track list:

Simple Life
Lament for Alex Puaa Jr.
Moonlight, Starllight
Rhythm Ride
Aia Molokai
Mauka, Makai
Do Spirits Fly
Where Eagles Fly



Album Credits:

Lono plays all instruments except for the “tricone”. That is played by Sebastian Mueller of Germany. Recoreded at: Kawela 131 Studios, Molokaʻi Recorded by: Lono of Lonomusic

Mixed by: Lonomusic

Pro tools 11

Imac 27

Focusrite 6i6 interface

Rode NT1 A Mics/ SM 57ʻs, Sm 58ʻs Instruments:

Momikeʻs Martin 12 string Guitar Krisʻs Takamine 12 string Guitar Kamaka 8 string Ukulele

Kamaka 4 string soprano Ukulele Dan Ryerson Manaʻe 4 string Ukulele Aria 6 string acoustic guitar

Cordoba 6 string Classical Guitar Ovation 6 string Classical Guitar Frank Gonzales / Buddy Fo Congaʻs Guierro, Shakers, tamborine Yamaha E4EE Synthesizer/Keyboard Fender Precision Bass

Fender Jazz Bass




MAHALO NUI LOA....From Lonomusic
Alexx Puaa Jr. for all his teachings throughout the 10 beautiful years in which he guided us. For whom theGreat knowledge of Molokaʻi history he shared and stories which consumed all of our time together. For that we are truely indeed greatful.


MoMike and Regina
Lynn and Jack Duggan/Coco
Kimo and Gladys
Arvo and Judy
Carl and Annie
Marcia / Mia
Dave and Alice / Nani
Melany and Duncan of Otis Oregon Jann of Puʻu O Hoku Ranch Ukulele Ohana
Tunes in the Dunes
Kanikapila Pot Luck Ohana Sheri, Kim and Richard Michael Drew of Hotel Molokai Aloha Friday Group
Maui Jim Sunglasses
Website by Genesis




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