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In MAY Lono will be leading a deep cultural and musical immersion into the history of Old Style Hawaiian music with the vibrant community of Molokai of local singers, dancers and musicians.

Fall in love with your Ukulele as you join the renowned Hawaiian folk musician Lono, and the vibrant community of Molokai in learning to play and compose traditional and contemporary Old Style Hawaiian folk music, the Hula inspired by these songs and the beautiful landscapes, stories, and hospitality of the Spirit Isle.
Spend 5 intimate days on the Spirit Isle experiencing the roots of what has inspired generations of Hawaiians to create beautiful music… Walk the land, swim in the waters, eat traditional foods, learn the language, talk story, dance hula & most of all play LOTS of happy Ukulele music!

May 26 -30, 2017 Register now to ensure your place.



uke ohana 2016
uke ohana 2016
uke ohana 2016

Photo Credits: Duncan Berry